Fun affordable accessories for 1:6 scale fashion dolls

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More about PlayscaleMinis

I'm Janean and I love miniatures of all scales, particularly Playscale (1:6 Barbie), Dollhouse (1:12) and HO train landscaping.

Re-Ment is insanely addictive FUN. I made 1"=1' miniatures with my dad as a child but hated the dolls for that size, I wanted to use my Barbie-style jointed dolls and make REAL dioramas, but most miniaturists are 1" purists and hate 2" Barbie, then I was 'too old' for dolls and Mom gave them all to some cousins.

In 2007, after a friend introduced me Re-Ment, I began making dioramas and letting my daughter "G" give 'parties' for her various-scaled figures. Today, she manages the packing side of things (with a double-check from Mom.)

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